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Discount Software
Get discount on computer software downloads.

Hard Drive Recovery
We support almost every data storage media ranging from hard disk, pen drive, optical media, zip drive, flash memory, magnetic film and disks, laptops, cell phones, and any other device that could store data.

Novell Data Recovery
Novell Data Recovery Software recovers your data from deleted, formatted, damaged or corrupted novell volumes

Data Recovery pune
Data Recovery Pune provides professional data recovery and restoration services in pune for all types of data storage media and systems including hard drives, RAID/NAS/SAN volumes, diskettes, tape, USB flash and digital media data storage.

Software Development
ISHIR is a diversified offshore IT software solutions company offering the world class application development services to help your organization exceed its software expectations.

Palm Database Recovery
Repair or rebuild corrupt palm database files. Supported versions are Palm OS 5, Palm OS Garnet, Palm OS Cobalt 6.1 databases.