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SA laptops Pretoria / Laptops SA is the preferred online store for notebooks, computers and laptops in South Africa. Situated in Pretoria we deliver country wide and to most countries in Southern Africa!

Whether you are looking to buy a laptop, notebook, computer, plasma screen or LCD screen for your home, small business or an entire office block you are sure to find the best products right here! SA laptops Pretoria / Laptops SA have selected the best brands in laptops, notebooks, computers, LCD screens and plasma screens to provide our clients with quality and reliability which is second to none and backed up by our exceptional service.


SA laptops Pretoria HP notebooks and computers logo. Due to its reliability and after sales support HP has become one of the preferred brands for business computing in South Africa. Now SA laptops Pretoria / Laptops SA is making it easy and affordable for home owners to purchase the same reliability and peace off mind and that from the comfort of your own home.


SA laptops Pretoria  Sahara notebooks logo. Sahara computers is the major supplier of entry level laptops and Samsung LCD screens to SA laptops Pretoria / Laptops SA. Sahara's business network stretches across South Africa to include Cape Town, Durban & Port Elizabeth. The company has established a strong presence globally, with offices in Nairobi & Mombassa in Kenya, Botswana, Dubai and the U.K and is currently the largest operation of its kind in Southern Africa.


SA laptops Pretoria Gigabyte computers logo. SA laptops Pretoria / Laptops SA assembles reliable desktop computer systems with Gigabyte components. Gigabyte is a worldwide supplier of  high level main boards, graphics accelerators, optical drives etc. All the main components that we use to build our Gigabyte desktop computers carry a 3 year warranty. Not only do you buy reliability when purchasing a Gigabyte computer system through SA laptops Pretoria / Laptops SA you also get peace of mind.


Sony VAIO Notebooks logo.

Sony laptops are smaller to provide portability of outstanding quality, all the Sony VAIO notebooks have advanced graphics on LCD displays. The company was founded in 1946 and has grown into a world class supplier of electronic devices. To stay inline with our policy to supply innovative products of exceptional quality and value SA Laptops Pretoria / Laptops SA are proud to include the Sony VAIO Notebook range in our product list.


Tips when looking to purchase a notebook or personal computer from SA laptops Pretoria / Laptops SA:

Buy the best that you can afford - You may feel that you will not use the extra power now but soon you may want to start editing your own movies or as the Internet and broadband connections become more affordable you may soon need the extra power to keep up with its multimedia content.
Ensure that the machine you are buying is upgradeable - Developments in software programs and games may soon mean that your system which was just fine a year ago now need more memory, it will work out cheaper if you are able to add more RAM or expansion cards instead of buying a complete new system.
Take note of the warranty term and conditions - Some manufacturers give a much longer warranty term, while others have a special extended warranty that can be purchased additionally.
Buy from a reputable supplier with a track record - Offers that are to good to be true from businesses that pop up over night generally are to good to be true!
Watch out for packages that come as part of a contract - If you do your calculations properly more often than not the results will show that laptops or computers that you got as part of a phone contract or internet contract is substantially more expensive over the 36 month contract period than it
appears to be plus it ties you for the contract term.